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Success Stories


Back to Family Time

Before his hip surgery, Frankie Langston’s pain was so great he could barely walk. Less than three weeks after hip surgery, he was playing with his children again.

Not His First Rodeo

Tanner’s passion for rodeo began when he was in seventh grade, but an unfortunate accident on a four-wheeler left him with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and sidelined him temporarily from
the sport he loves.

The Toughest Run

Corbin applied the same drive and determination he has in the classroom and on the field to his postoperative rehabilitation after each of his injuries. This enabled him to come back stronger than before.

Back in the Game

For Kennedy Cline of Lumberton, personalized orthopedic care allowed her to pursue her dream of playing college-level sports.

Get Back to Play

With the help of CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System's orthopedic specialists, Makayla Williams didn't let a serious knee injury derail her athletic ambitions.

Awareness, Advancement, and Action

Environmental, societal, and individual factors influence children’s health and development. For this reason, advocacy is an important part of our mission.

Get involved in the fight for children