Application Process

CHRISTUS Fund Application Submission

To apply for a grant from the CHRISTUS Fund, we recommend you do the following before submitting an application packet:

  1. Review the CHRISTUS Fund submission requirements.
  2. Review the CHRISTUS Fund funding criteria.
  3. Review the CHRISTUS Health Community Health Implementation Plan
  4. Complete the required CHRISTUS Fund documents
  5. Prepare the required additional documents

Required CHRISTUS Fund Documents

Required Additional Documents

  1. List of collaborating partners (include name, phone, e-mail, and fax number, and a brief description of the services rendered to applicant). A collaborative relationship exists when two or more organizations intersect for a common goal by sharing knowledge and/or resources. This may include but is not limited to referral or exchange of clients. You are not required to have a formal collaborative agreement or legal partnership with your collaborating partners.
  2. List of applicant’s board members or community advisory board
  3. Letters of support from at least two collaborators. These letters must come from a collaborating partner listed in Attachment 1. These   must be signed by the organizations’ Chief Executive Officers.
  4.  Letter of support from at least two clients who will be served by this program (If this is a new program two additional letters of support can be submitted from collaborative partners).
  5.  Copy of applicant’s IRS Tax Determination Letter --501(c)3
  6.  Organization’s Operating Budget: Include a separate line-item budget for the next three years of the proposed program.


  • Please mail the application [WITH a tracking number] to CHRISTUS Health – 919 Hidden Ridge Drive Irving, Texas – 75038-3813
  • Attention: Nadine Monforte - Community Development Manager

    NOTE: Please do NOT send application documents via email. When mailing your application packet, please mail with a tracking number to ensure the ability to monitor and trace a package if needed.


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