Grantee Information

Grant Agreement

A signed grant agreement must be received before funds are dispersed. Signed grant agreement must be received within 45 days of award notification or award will be revoked, unless alternate arrangements were agreed upon in writing by Grant Administrator and awarded organization.

Payment schedules will be determined for each grant; monies will be distributed for no more than a single year.

Grant Conditional or Match Requirements

For awards contingent on a condition(s), the condition(s) must be met within six months from the date of approval of the award or else the award will be revoked.

For awards contingent on a match, the grantee must secure matching funds and show proof of commitment (i.e. award letter or copy of check) before funds will be released. Only funds secured during the submitted CHRISTUS Fund grant cycle or within six months after the date of a CHRISTUS Fund award approval may be considered matching funds for a CHRISTUS Fund grant. 

Grant Progress Reports

Each awarded program will complete and submit financial and outcome specific progress reports using standardized reporting forms. These forms are intended to enable CHRISTUS Fund staff to monitor goals and outcomes as documented in the grant agreement.

Please use these forms to submit required progress reports:

Request for Extension or Change of Scope

  • Requests for extensions beyond the standard one-year grant period may be approved or denied at the discretion of CHRISTUS Fund staff following careful evaluation of circumstances. 
  • CHRISTUS Fund staff may elect to request return of funds if circumstances do not warrant the approval of an extension.
  • Requests for major changes of scope will be re-evaluated by the committee as necessary.  Minor changes of scope may be approved at the discretion of CHRISTUS Fund staff.

Application for Refunding

Programs may reapply to the CHRISTUS Fund at the grant deadline date that coincides with award distribution at the conclusion of their grant period. Reapplication awards will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee. Awards will be made to organizations at a reduced amount (from the first application request).

A program or service may be considered for additional year (s) of funding to ensure sustainability if the program has:

  • Successfully met goals and objectives;
  • Spent CHRISTUS funds as approved; and presented timely and informative progress reports.

Outcomes and Measurements

The Committee will consider outcomes measurements in the refunding decision. 

  • Programs may be funded for no more than three consecutive fiscal years. (Note: CHRISTUS entities are eligible for funding a maximum of 3 years and awards will be reduced each year)
  • Special consideration may be given to CHRISTUS sponsored programs or programs in which a member of a sponsoring congregation is involved.
  • The Advisory Committee may issue challenge grants to be matched by other sources and may increase the percentage of matched funds in successive years.