CHRISTUS Health Launches New Brand in South America Proud Day as Irving, Texas- based CHRISTUS Health officially launches CHRISTUS SINERGIA Salud June 23, 2017

New Brand-Colombia

(Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia)  June 22, 2017 – Today CHRISTUS Health and Coomeva Cooperative Medica (Coomeva) announced the new identity and name for their Colombian health care system.  Executives from both companies, community leaders, Associates and the Colombia media were on hand for the afternoon unveiling. 

CHRISTUS SINERGIA Salud, as the health care network will now be called, includes a 88 ambulatory care facilities with operations throughout six regions in Colombia, a home care company, a health provider network, two partially-owned hospitals and two wholly owned hospitals

Coomeva is a conglomerate of 16 companies divided into four divisions. In 2016, CHRISTUS Health joined the highly respected Coomeva’s health division to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ into Colombia.  Since that time CHRISTUS Health and Coomeva have added leadership positions, worked to integrate the systems and developed a mission statement for CHRISTUS SINERGIA Salud, which is now a Catholic organization. The new organization’s mission statement is to “Extend the healing spirit of Jesus Christ for the holistic wellbeing of the person and our community.”  

CHRISTUS Health’s President and CEO Ernie Sadau and Coomeva’s President Alfredo Arana Velasco were at today’s event and introduced the National CEO of CHRISTUS SINERGIA Salud, Yul Garcés, and National Sales, Marketing and Communications Manager, Constanza Guzmán.

Today’s launch of the new name and brand concluded with the unveiling of an exterior sign which now greets people as they arrive to the CHRISTUS SINERGIA Salud’s Colombia, South America headquarters.  Bishop Juan Carlos Cardenas closed with a blessing.

CHRISTUS Health is one of a few American health systems with a longstanding international presence.  The system has a successful track record operating Grupo CHRISTUS Muguerza since 2001, a nine-hospital system in Mexico. In addition, with its partner Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, CHRISTUS Health operates Red de Salud UC – CHRISTUS, a Chilean heath system comprised of three hospitals and 12 outpatient clinics throughout Santiago, Chile’s capital.

About Coomeva

Coomeva is a conglomerate of 16 companies divided into four divisions, the Financial Division includes one of Colombia’s largest Banks (Bancoomeva), the Non-Health Insurance Division includes property insurance, the Wellness/Leisure Division includes wellness centers and Country Clubs and the Health Division includes private health insurance, governmental health insurance, hospitals, a national network of ambulatory centers and other healthcare provider companies