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Tackling Sports Injuries for Young Performance Artists August 21, 2019

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Regional Public Relations 
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WHAT: From young gymnasts flipping and flying across the mat, to cheerleaders balancing high above their teammates, to the pageantry and grace of a young Folklorico dancer, several talents were on display during Friday’s “Moving Parts” event at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

The showcase was put together by the hospital’s Sports Medicine program, and it not only allowed the young artists to show off their skills, but also shined a bright spotlight on the tremendous work being done by our Sports Medicine physicians to treat ‘non-traditional’ athletes.

“Many of the injuries are similar, but the mechanism in which those injuries occur can be different for performing artists,” says pediatric sports medicine specialist Shaylon Rettig, MD. “Recognizing these differences helps us customize a recovery plan for the artists.”

At first blush, the terms “sports medicine” and “performing arts” may not seem to go together. However, the Sports Medicine staff wants parents of performance artists to be fully aware of their treatment options.

“Many parents of performing artists may not feel like they need to go see a sports medicine doctor because they’re not playing a sport,” explains Dr. Rettig. “If a child does have pain, instead of pushing through the pain, we recommend that they come in and get evaluated, and we may do some modifications to their performing art to allow them to get better.”

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