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Special Events and Visitors Guidelines Create Magical Moments

For the safety and privacy of our patients and families, visiting groups must always be pre-arranged through the Child Life Department. With patient health as our primary concern, we cannot always accommodate visitors. Applications must be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance. Once we receive the online application, a staff member will notify you and work to schedule your event. Please be patient as we receive hundreds of requests each year and the holiday season is especially busy. Completion of the application form does not guarantee acceptance or scheduling.

Thank you for your consideration in bringing cheer to the children at our hospital! 

Onsite Special Events

Child Life Specialists and other health care staff provide children a variety of play and recreation opportunities throughout their stay at The Children's Hospital of San Antonio. We appreciate unique and engaging opportunities that will provide children fun, lasting memories of their hospital experience. 

Consideration will be given to those events that are:

  • Unique, entertaining and educational.  
  • Appropriate for our patient’s ages and conditions
  • Physically and emotionally safe 
  • Religiously and politically neutral 

Event/Performances must not include:

  • Any potentially dangerous materials 
  • Balloons or latex products
  • Scary costumes
  • Violence, death
  • Food that was not approved by hospital staff prior to event
  • Donations, toys, and giveaways that are not brand new or were not approved by hospital staff prior to event

The Child Life Department accepts donations of supplies and gifts deemed safe and appropriate for use by children and families. Individuals or groups who wish to donate should refer to this link for a full wish list of items that are most beneficial for our patients, donation regulations, and a video addressing frequently asked questions. Please contact Child Life at to schedule a time to drop off your donation at the hospital.

Monetary donations are also welcome.  Inquiries about monetary donations must be handled by The Children's Hospital of San Antonio Foundation at 210-704-2800