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Your Responsibilities

Your child's health care is a cooperative effort between you, your physician, and the hospital staff. In addition to your rights, it is expected you will assume the following responsibilities to the best of your ability.

As the parent/guardian of a child at The Children's Hospital of San Antonio, you have the responsibility to:

A. Comfort and support your child to the extent other responsibilities allow, in the special way that only families can provide.

B. Join the health care team to ensure the best possible treatment, rehabilitation, and discharge planning.

C. Follow the hospital's rules and regulations as explained to you or as described in printed material.

D. Provide a complete and accurate medical history when requested to do so.

E. Be available to the health care team either in person or by telephone.

F. Tell the physician or nurse if you do not understand your child's treatment of if you do not understand what you or your child is expected to do.

G. Report unexpected changes in your child's condition to your physician.

H. Voice any concerns regarding your child's care to the healthcare team, the Patient Representative, or the Hospital Administrator.

I. Discuss pain management with your physician and nurse and assist them with measuring the amount of pain your child experiences.

J. Develop and follow a pain management plan for your child with your doctor and caregiver.

K. Tell a member of your health care team if your child's pain is not relieved.

L. Tell your physician or nurse about any concerns you have about your child taking pain medications.

M. Treat staff and other families in a considerate, courteous, and cooperative manner.

N. Follow the hospital's visitor policy.

O. Be considerate of other patients and respect their right to privacy.

P. Observe the hospital's smoke free campus policy.

Q. Take care of your personal property and valuables and respect the hospital property.

R. Pay your hospital bill or tell the hospital if you cannot pay the bill so that other arrangements can be made.

S. Participate and involve your child, as appropriate, in educational opportunities concerning your child's health and participate in planning for discharge from the hospital.

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