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Transitioning to Adulthood

We are here to help make your medical care transition to adult care.

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Transitioning to Adulthood

It's never too early to start a discussion about transitioning medical care from childhood to adulthood. The discussion should occur early between the ages of 12-14, however, it's never too late if you are older. Creating a transition plan now is important to help you move on to the next part of your life. Your provider is ready to offer assistance and help you with the transition. You can make a transition appointment with your doctor to specifically discuss transitioning.

Aspects of Transition

When starting the discussion with your provider, the following aspects are important to consider:

  • Locating Adult Health Care Providers
  • Insurance and Care Coordination
  • Managing Appointments
  • Managing Medications
  • Managing Equipment and Treatments
  • Managing Medical Information/Record Keeping

Come prepared for your Transition appointment. Make sure you ask questions regarding your:

  • Medical Needs
  • Appointments
  • Medications
  • Medical Records
  • Equipment
  • Insurance

We cannot provide medical information via email. We will try to answer your questions within 72 hours. For any life threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1

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About Us

We are here to foster the ideal, high-quality, safe, and effective transition of young adults from a pediatric to an adult model of care.

Pediatric to Adult Primary Care

Prepare your child for the transition from a pediatrician to an adult provider. As your child is growing up and moving towards adulthood, prepare them for the transition to an adult provider.