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What You Expect When You Arrive

Happy child in hospital

For any family, finding out a child needs to visit a hospital can be stressful. We want your experience to go as smoothly as possible. Your doctor will give you instructions for having your child tested for COVID-19 prior to their surgery or procedure. This ensures that your child and our health care workers stay safe. On the day of your child's procedure, the people caring for your child will  wear a name tag, introduce themselves, and explain their roles in your child's care.

Patients may be accompanied by two adult caregivers. No siblings or other extended family members are allowed. Patients (over the age of 2) and their adult caregivers will be required to wear a mask while in the hospital. Each person entering the hospital will undergo a brief health screening and have their temperature taken. If you feel ill on the day of your child’s surgery, please do not come to the hospital

Once you are registered, a  nurse will check  your child’s vital signs, including:

  • blood pressure
  • temperature
  • weight
  • height
  • pulse oximeter

In addition to a hospital gown, each child will be given an identification band with his/her name and date of birth.

The child and family will be taken to the holding room on the second floor. Each patient is allowed to have ) two adult family members in the holding room, where they will meet the nurse, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. Masks must be worn when health care workers enter the holding room. Masks may be removed if only family is present. 

Once the child is taken to surgery, the family will be escorted to the waiting room where seating is spread out to encourage physical distancing. Please wear your masks during this time. No food or drinks should be consumed in this area. For meals and snacks, you can visit the Café located on the first floor.

After surgery, the patient will be taken to the recovery room to wake up. Recovery room nurses will continue to monitor your child.

The surgeon will come speak to the family in the waiting room after surgery.