Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Services

General pediatric GI clinics provide diagnosis and treatment of common GI disorders in children. Comprehensive care is provided for children and adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, and a variety of functional bowel disorders and nutrition disorders. Patients with liver disease are diagnosed and treated through the Liver/Short Bowel Clinic. Children with short bowel syndrome who receive home nutrition support are managed through this clinic and efforts to achieve enteral autonomy are paramount. Pre- and pos-liver/small bowel transplant care is also provided. The Therapeutic Feeding Clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach to children with swallowing and feeding difficulty, and is attended by a pediatric gastroenterologist, speech therapist, physical therapist, and pediatric dietician. Percutaneous placement of feeding gastrostomies is available when needed. The Pancreas and Biliary Clinic provides comprehensive care for patients with hereditary and chronic pancreatitis and biliary tract disorders. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography with advanced therapeutics is available where indicated in the care of these patients.

General departmental capabilities include:

  • General pediatric GI clinics
  • Liver/short bowel clinic
  • Therapeutic feeding clinic
  • Pancreas and biliary clinic
  • Gastrointestinal procedures
  • Home nutrition support
  • Gastrostomy tube care

A full complement of gastrointestinal procedures is available in the pediatric GI lab. Experienced nurses and technicians assist with GI procedures, and pediatric anesthesia/sedation are readily available. The only motility center for children in the city is located at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio.
Management of home intravenous nutrition support is provided to children with short bowel syndrome and intestinal failure. Care of feeding gastrostomy tubes is also available in the pediatric GI clinic as needed.

We have three dedicated pediatric nurses and two medical assistants to assist with the care of children and adolescents with gastrointestinal and liver disorders. A pediatric dietician is also available for consultation during clinic hours.

Technology and Talent

We have a state-of-the-art GI lab offering:

  • Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Capsule endoscopy
  • ERCP and pancreatography
  • pH-impedance studies
  • Motility studies
  • Liver biopsy

We are the only group in San Antonio with expertise in motility and advanced therapeutic endoscopy. Our director of motility services is recognized as an expert in cyclic vomiting.