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Our Approach

Symptoms and Causes

  • Symptoms can include stiffness of muscles and joints, involuntary movement, jerkiness, muscle movement, and exaggerated reflexes
  • Common causes of spasticity in children are severe Cerebral Palsy, brain injury, and spinal cord injury.


Spasticity is diagnosed by physical exam. One treatment includes ITB therapy.

What is ITB therapy?

ITB therapy works by implanting a pump and catheter that delivers a liquid form of baclofen directly into the fluid around the spinal cord which has an quicker effect.

Benefits of ITB therapy?

ITB therapy utilizes smaller doses of liquid baclofen because it directly goes into the spinal fluid, therefore causing less side effects such as sleepiness. Patients generally are more alert and have less sedation.

When is it appropriate to consider ITB therapy?

After your child has already tried oral medications, including baclofen, and continues to have uncontrolled spasticity.


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Intrathecal Therapy Clinic at Goldsbury Center for Children and Families
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