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Our Approach

We treat the epidemic of children and adolescents suffering from childhood obesity. Our treatment team is comprised of a pediatrician who is board certified in General Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine, and Obesity Medicine, and a Registered Dietician with special training in the treatment of obese children. Soon, our team will include an Exercise Physiologist, a Physician's Assistant, and an expert in Behavioral Medicine.

We have a family centered, individualized approach to treatment. This is an intensive treatment program for motivated patients and families. The cornerstone of treatment is lifestyle modification to include diet and exercise. We use medication when appropriate. We treat the medical complications of obesity with the goal of reducing the patient's life time risk for chronic disease.

We work with children and their families for as long as it takes to make improvements. We understand the challenges of dealing with this chronic debilitating disease and provide care in a considerate, compassionate manner.

Our Treatment Plan

Our clinic works to reduce weight and improve health using a comprehensive approach to modify diet, exercise and behaviors, with guidance from qualified professionals throughout the program. The goal is to achieve a BMI less than the 85th percentile for age and to correct any metabolic abnormalities.

The patient and the family will work with our team to lose weight in a medically appropriate manner. While every case is handled individually, components of the program include an emphasis on improving metabolic parameters, exercise tolerance, psychological wellness and adopting a healthy diet.

Patients are also treated for other problems secondary to obesity, with the goal of improving the patient's well-being medically, cosmetically, and emotionally.

Clinical Referrals

Please call 210-704-4708 to refer your patient.

For parents and patients, please contact you primary care provider for a referral.

CHEF Kitchen at The Children's Hospital of San Antonio

Rooted in the belief that food is medicine, CHEF is a Culinary Health Education program that teaches children and families common sense nutrition and practical cooking skills. Through engaging, hands-on experiences, CHEF educates and inspires individuals to adopt and sustain healthy eating habits.

Learn more about CHEF.

Our Location

Center for Health and Weight Management at The Children's Hospital of San Antonio
333 North Santa Street
Goldsbury Center Children's and Familes, 4th Floor
San Antonio, Texas 78207

PH: 210-704-4108

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Our Team

Suzanne Cuda, Pediatric Primary Care Clinic

Suzanne Cuda, MD

Adolescent Medicine

Section Chief
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine

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