COVID-19 Vaccine

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My Why

Ab and family

Ab Jiminez

Over the past few weeks, the Jimenez family has been hit hard by the latest surge in COVID-19 cases. Ab's wife is currently a patient at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital -Alice, and three out of his five children tested positive.  


Amaya got vaccinated for all those patients who are unable to get vaccinated. 

Andrea Gutierrez

Because of a severe allergy, she was unsure about getting the vaccine. But, when the hospital saw an increase in COVID patients again, she knew it was time to protect herself, her patients, and her family.  

Andy Navarro

It's all about my family, my friends and this sacred ministry.

Beth Vaughn

While the choice to protect their family by receiving a COVID-19 Vaccination was an easy one, they did their research. Beth's husband has a doctorate in Pharmacy, they reviewed "the research, and together we agreed the benefits outweighed the risks of dying of COVID-19." 

Evan Fitch

Evan Fitch is a self-described "seeing is believing" type. At first, he resisted getting the vaccine, but this surge has changed his mind. 

Felecia Colton

She explains, "Working here at CHRISTUS, I saw firsthand the toll the virus was having on patients and their families. After having the vaccine, I felt a sense of freedom!

Laci Lasater

Laci says, "Having been born and raised in Kingsville, and spending the last 18 years of my life working for CHRISTUS Spohn Kleberg, COVID in my Community is very personal for me. We know our patients, and it has been extremely difficult watching this resurgence of Covid, both in our community and within the walls of our hospital. 

Loren Robinson

I gave birth to my child June of 2021. I got my second vaccine in May 2021. I talked to my OBGYN and wanted to prevent myself from getting COVID-19. I had no negative outcomes at all. 


After talking to her doctor, Madi decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine to protect herself and others. 

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