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Ab Jiminez

Ab and family
"Protect each other," that is Ab Jimenez's message. Over the past few weeks, the Jimenez family has been hit hard by the latest surge in COVID-19 cases. Ab's wife is currently a patient at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital -Alice, and three out of his five children tested positive.  

As a pastor and hospice chaplain Ab is no stranger to hardship. He says that he is beginning "to see how God is using this season of pain and uncertainty, to bring others closer to him to develop faith in God." That closeness was demonstrated when many of the Jimenez's friends and church members showed up with just a few hours’ notice to the CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital -Alice parking lot to hold a socially distanced prayer service. We "pray[ed] for the nurses, we pray[ed] for the doctors just broke my heart to see what they're going through, so we pray[ed] for them." 

With such an intimate knowledge of how COVID is impacting families, Ab's advice is, "keep protecting yourself in whatever you can. Talk to your family... take the vaccine... God has put those things there to protect each other in every way, shape, or form." This is a matter of the "safety and the health of your family. Take care of each other, protect each other, wear your mask."