COVID-19 Vaccine

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Rayelene Hernandez

RN Clinical Director Rayelene Hernandez's family has had their share of ups and downs during the COVID19 Pandemic. Three children virtually learning, one of which was 2020 senior, the loss of Rayelene's father, and the inability to travel to Canada for his memorial services complicated her already tense 2020/2021. 

Rayelene has also been a dedicated nurse throughout the Pandemic, and she was recently hired at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas- St. Elizabeth as a clinical director. Rayelene says, "it has been a trying time for healthcare - we are stretching more than I have ever seen in my 25-year career."  

With a 2022 senior and the hope of celebrating her father's life with her siblings, Rayelene decided to receive her COVID vaccine. "I listened to people that I trust - healthcare providers, epidemiologists. I read the studies that come out of Israel. I saw healthcare providers that I trust getting the vaccine for themselves and their families. I also saw many people die alone- the vaccine gave me hope."  

As she saw younger and younger patients admitted to the hospital with COVID, she decided to get her children vaccinated. Rayelene explains, "I did hold back on vaccinating my children, to begin with - I really thought that the high risk, elderly and immunocompromised should be the first. In the beginning, it seemed that young folks would probably be ok without the vaccine. I have changed my mind on that."