Enterprise Resource Planning Associate Updates

What’s changing?

You’ll access one platform, Infor, to accomplish and/or approve many of the things that now take several different logins. Finance, supply chain, human resources/payroll and workforce management will all be transitioning to Infor, but we’ll make these changes a few ministries and areas at a time, beginning July 1, 2019. For a complete list, visit christushealth.org/erp. 

What does this mean for my role?  

The focus of your job isn’t changing but many of the tools you use and the processes you follow to complete tasks are, including:

  • Invoices will be submitted to christushealth-invoice@christushealth.org. You will not receive an email confirmation anymore, but the system will route your invoice to where it needs go. If you work with ministries who won’t yet be supported by Infor, then you’ll receive notifications that you have invoices to approve in both Infor and BancTec until all ministries transition.
  • New entity and department codes will be issued. We’ll share these on christushealth.org/erp.
  • Hand-held, wireless devices will be issued to use in signing for and receiving packages.
  • Ordering products will be simplified as images of products will be uploaded. And you’ll be able to easily transfer supplies from other CHRISTUS entities when needed.
  • Access to all ministries’ supply chain and finance information with one log-in (for those who already  have such access).
  • Supply Chain and Finance Associates will use the Infor Spreadsheet Designer template to upload data into the system and manage information.

Will it be hard to learn how to use Infor? 

We will identify which Associates need which training. And then we’ll invite each Associate via HealthStream to the session(s) they will need to do their job.
What if I have questions and/or need help?

We will have a command center staffed 24/7 with a team available to assist with application issues for the first few weeks following July 1, 2019. You can reach them by calling the Service Desk at 888.681.5123. 

Email questions about training to erptraining@christushealth.org and Accounts Payable issues to VendorRelations@christushealth.org.