Wave Winners

Wave 1 Winners

Congratulations to the ERP Treasure Hunt winners:

  • Marcia Ford
  • Victoria Salazar
  • Guadalupe R Chavez
  • Roxanne Vasquez
  • Tiffany Gaines
  • Lucrecia Taylor
  • Dieshia Gibson
  • Zachary Brown
  • Dewayne E Pullen
  • Keeler Fina
  • Jacinto Villarreal
  • Joseph Hansen
  • JoAnn Von Plinsky
  • Imelda Navarro
  • Kim Clark Deana Carey
  • Taylor Williams
  • Arushi Mehrotra
  • Wayamina Eppie
  • Brittany Flint

We had over 200 correct responses to each of our ERP Treasure Hunts.  The winners have received the equivalent of a $25 gift card in Kudos points.

Thank you to all the Associates who responded and congratulations to winners!