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CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System Treatment Times Set Record Low June 13, 2018

LONGVIEW, TX — CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System, the first health system in the nation to implement Pulsara, continues to see an improvement in Door-To-Needle (D2N) times during stroke and Door-To-Balloon (D2B) times during heart attack treatments. Research shows that quicker treatment time equates to better patient outcomes. The communications platform, Pulsara, is now the standard of care for the entire region; used by every hospital and EMS agency in the area.

Pulsara was actually “born” locally, in Longview, Texas. Invented as a collaboration between Leading Edge Medical Associates (LEMA) and CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System, the idea centered around the questions, “How can we improve patient care in our facilities? How can we help our health care system pursue value-based health care – providing improved quality of care at a lower cost?”

“The doctors, advanced practice providers, Associates and every member of the Good Shepherd Health System comes to work each day focused on how we can fulfill our mission and improve the lives and health of our patients and this community we serve,” said Mark Anderson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Physician Operations, CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System. “With Pulsara, we are able to have a great impact on our patients lives by enacting two of our core values: excellence to ensure that we are providing and maintaining high standards of service and performance, and stewardship to assure the wise and just use of talents and resources in a collaborative manner.”

What started out as an idea in East Texas is now being used in 20 States and Australia to reduce treatment times and improve outcomes for patients.

Pulsara is a health care platform that securely enables all members of a patient care team — from EMS providers, to the Emergency Department, to a range of specialists in the health system and/or at a transferring facility — to coordinate care for the critical patient.

Built on secure mobile technology, clinicians minimize costly miscommunication and delays in emergency care. The health care systems who have been using the Pulsara platform have seen consistent improvements in treatment times, averaging a treatment reduction between 20-46%. The platform unites the right clinicians at the right time for the right patient.

CHRISTUS Good Shepherd has far exceeded the average improvements usually seen with Pulsara. The immediate reductions in DTN (Door to Needle) times once Pulsara was implemented was 28% based on a review of the initial 333 stroke cases.

Since that time, CHSHS continues to see major improvements. Data in 2018 has shown an all-time 52% DTN improvement and 213% increase in DTN goal compliance. So far this year, 100% of the cases met this compliance figure using Pulsara.

“We have a saying at Pulsara that ‘Implementing technology is 80% People, 15% Process and 5% Technology.’ This is clearly a community win,” Dr. James Woodson, former LEMA Physician and CEO of Pulsara shared, “When a region comes together with patient care as the primary focus, great things happen.”

“At CHRISTUS Health, our vision is will be a leader, a partner and an advocate in the creation of innovative health and wellness solutions that improve the lives of individuals and communities so that all may experience God's healing presence and love,” said Dr. Anderson. “Today is a celebration of that vision and of our partnership with those who share our goals to make this a healthier, happier community.” This Thursday, we will be celebrating this incredible milestone and the support of an entire community made up of multiple hospital systems and EMS agencies — all focused on creating the best possible patient care for our community."