Please note our hospitals & emergency rooms continue to care for patients with COVID and other emergency related medical needs. We are only offering the COVID-19 vaccinations through our clinics and urgent cares, as they are better prepared to provide this type of care. Click on the link to see if you are eligible to schedule a vaccine appointment. Learn More

ER Options Now Available

Because no one wants to sit in a crowded lobby

Our CHRISTUS ER Options program will allow you to wait in the comfort of your home or car for your room in the ER to be ready. Give us a call today to reserve your spot!

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Call ahead and reserve your spot at the ER

Relax at home instead of waiting in the lobby with our ER Options.
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Limit ER wait times

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Covid-19 testing not offered

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Reserve an ER appointment from the comfort of your home

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Covid-19 Vaccines Not Offered

How does it work?

We want you to feel comfortable and safe entering our Emergency Room, knowing that we are taking extra precautions to limit wait times when you are experiencing an emergency.

Anyone who thinks they need emergency care will call CHRISTUS. Of course, they are always welcome to come immediately to the closest CHRISTUS emergency room as well.

When you call, a medical professional will talk with you. They will ask questions about how you are feeling and what you are experiencing.

Based on that conversation, we will help you:


Request a Reservation

When you call, we will reserve a time at the appropriate ER closest to you.

Visitor Guidelines

Appointment Time

We will direct you to come to the ER at your appropriate time.

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Upon Arrival

When you arrive, contact us and you will be shown to your room.

Emergency Care

Critical Emergency

If we determine you have a critical emergency we will call 9-1-1 and stay on the line with you until they pick up.