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Breast Cancer Prevention

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You’re busy and probably just getting busier. It feels like the last thing you have time for is yourself, but there’s only one you. So you should be at the top of your list.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Celebrate October Breast Cancer Awareness Month by working with your physician to schedule your 3D HD mammogram. Ask your physician to schedule your appointment with CHRISTUS St. Michael Imaging Center.

Most insurances now cover 3D HD Digital Mammography for annual screening mammograms. 3D HD is the most advanced technology for finding breast cancer early, even before you can feel a lump.

For more information about 3D mammography in Texarkana, call 903-614-7000.

For more information about 3D mammography in Atlanta, call 903-799-3181

3-D HD Mammography is your best ally in fighting against breast cancer. Significantly increasing the detection of breast cancer and decreasing the number of return visits for additional test, 3-D HD mammograms are saving lives every day.

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With no signs or symptoms, Sheila Farmer had no idea she was waking up daily with a growing mass of abnormal cells in her breast.

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