CHRISTUS Health Offers Reflection for Those Affected by Tragedy This Week

CHRISTUS Health, through its Associates and leaders, mourns the loss of life and physical and emotional injury suffered as a result of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing, the April 17 explosion at the ExxonMobil refinery in Beaumont, Texas, and the April 17 explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. We offer the reflection and below to those who would like to join us in prayer during this week of sadness. Rooted within our core value of DIGNITY is our conviction that every life is sacred, precious and worthy of respect. Similarly, our core value of COMPASSION demonstrates our shared belief that we are one interconnected human family and are created to serve one another in a spirit of empathy, love and concern. Tragic events, such as those mentioned above and other natural and human threats remind us of our vulnerability as human beings. It is also a reminder that suffering continues throughout the world and our sisters and brothers fall victim to violence, terror and natural disasters each and every day. As we continue to witness these events in the days ahead, let us be reminded to direct our thoughts and prayers toward God, who promises never to leave us nor abandon us; who promises peace and provision to all who ask. In the spirit of our mission and core values, may we be generous in spirit, charitable in gifts and patient in attitude toward one another and work together to bring an end to violence wherever we find it. As a community of diverse individuals, we recognize that each of us has a preferred expression of solidarity and support to those suffering and left vulnerable by these circumstances. CHRISTUS Health is committed in its ongoing financial support of Catholic Charities and its Relief Services throughout the year to provide for the ongoing and emergency needs of those who are in crisis or victims of violence or natural disasters. Associates wishing to contribute additional funds and/or resources to help the victims of the Boston bombings or the Exxon explosions are encouraged to support their preferred service relief or humanitarian agencies. Please contact Catholic Charities/Relief Services, the American Red Cross, or your local blood bank for specific direction on contributions or how best to help those in need. Join us in our prayer, that our Good and Gracious God would continue to watch over, provide for and offer comfort to all those who grieve and are affected by these tragic events.