Prayer for the People of Japan March 11, 2011

We Pray For Those Affected By The Tsunami

“Hope begins where hope begins.” These words seem to express the great mystery at the core of human freedom and responsibility, that mystery we name hope.  Without it we do not live.  Indeed, wherever there is life there is hope. Traces of it are found each time we take the next step.  Because of its light, we turn the page and we are able to look from one moment to the next.  It looks to a future that can come only as a gift. It begins where it begins and hope has no end.  It is like faith.  It is no less than love.

Let Us Pray
God of the mountains and the seas, the awesome power of nature can be both a wonder as well as a source of tragedy. We call to you in this time of great need to the people of Japan who are affected by the recent tsunami.

Almighty and everlasting God, comfort of the sorrowful and strength to those who suffer: let the prayers of your people who are in any trouble rise to you. We lift up to you the people of Japan. For those who have lost loved ones, grant your peace; for those who seek shelter and food, grant your comfort; for those facing illness, grant your healing; for those whose lives have been shattered, grant your strength.

God of wisdom and strength, guide the hands of those who provide emergency relief. We entrust to you those who will care for the bereaved, those with the gift of healing, those who carry the burdens of moving debris, and those who will distribute much needed supplies. Give them the endurance that will be needed in these efforts.

God of all consolation, in the midst of things we do not understand, tragedy too great to comprehend, and grieving too heavy to bear, grant your peace. This is a time when we welcome your Word of hope born into our world. May that hope burn in our hearts as we pray to you in confidence.  Amen.