Gifts Toys and Activities Help Make Children's Hospital Stays More Enjoyable

A hospital stay is a stressful and difficult time for children and their families. Our Child Life Department uses special toys and activities to make their experience more enjoyable. To provide year-round fun for our patients, our Child Life Department needs craft supplies and toys for all ages. These gifts are used throughout the hospital for patients from infants to teenagers.

To choose gifts we need the most, please see our Wish List below or contact the Child Life Department for more information. 

Arrange a Donation Drop-Off

Contact the Child Life Department at 210-704-2550 to arrange a time to drop off your much-appreciated donations. 

Wish List

Play is an essential part of childhood, facilitating healing, coping, creativity, and more. The Child Life Department at The Children's Hospital of San Antonio makes sure our patients still feel like kids while in the hospital. Our playrooms are stocked with craft supplies and toys for all ages. We accept donations of supplies and gifts deemed safe and appropriate for use by patients and families or in the provision of Child Life services.
  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • School-age Children
  • Teens
  • Electronic Fun
  • Books
  • Other Suggestions