As your healthcare partner, CHRISTUS Health wants to assure you that we are fully equipped to provide safe, quality care to our community.

Today is the beginning of your health for tomorrow

With the arrival of the highly anticipated COVID-19 vaccine, there is a lot of information to take in and process. We know you and your family may have questions about the vaccine and other COVID-related concerns, which is why CHRISTUS Santa Rosa wants you to know we are right there with you every step of the way. Today is the beginning of your health for tomorrow.

Good News!

Starting the week of January 4th, a select few CHRISTUS clinics began accepting appointments to vaccinate Phase 1B recipients. As our hospitals continue to care for patients with COVID and other medical needs, we will be offering these vaccinations through our clinics, as they are better prepared to provide this type of care to large groups of the public.

Please note, an online appointment is required to receive the vaccine. CHRISTUS clinics and urgent cares are not scheduling any appointments via phone or in-person. All appointment requests for the vaccine will need to follow the process below:

Step 1: To see if you are eligible to receive the vaccine, click the yellow chat icon to your right to connect you with Christy, our virtual assistant.
Step 2: Christy, our virtual assistant, will ask you a few screening questions to ensure you are eligible for the vaccine.
Step 3: If you qualify for the vaccine, Christy will help you find an appointment at the nearest available CHRISTUS clinic or urgent care. If registration is full, check back daily as slots become available.
Step 4: Complete your registration by filling out all patient information online and confirming your appointment date, time and clinic location.

If you have questions about your personal health concerns or history and how that might be impacted by vaccination, we encourage you to talk with your primary care provider, who knows your conditions and your history and can advise you personally. If you do not have a primary care provider, you can find one here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, so we have answered some of your most frequently asked ones. 

COVID-19 Safety

We know you may be concerned about your safety when medical care is needed.  Whether it is a routine visit, for emergency medical care, a surgical procedure or to deliver a baby, we are here and we are prepared. Do not delay care or wait when a medical situation requires urgent attention. Our teams have put all protocols in place to ensure our care environment is safe for you and your family. 

Some of these include:

  • Isolating and caring for any COVID-19 positive patient in separate areas, with a dedicated care team
  • Ensuring our staff has all necessary personal protective equipment to provide seamless, safe care in the ER, clinics and throughout the hospital
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization measures for every area, including waiting areas, patient rooms and treatment areas
  • Screening every one of our physicians, Associates, patients and caregivers prior to entering any of our facilities
  • Requiring masks be worn by everyone in all of our facilities
  • Encouraging social distancing and hand washing practices

We encourage everyone to continue to do their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask, frequently washing our hands and practicing social distancing by avoiding large crowds and gatherings will make a difference. By doing these things you will help protect yourself, your family, and others.

As we navigate through this phase of uncertainty, one thing holds true – our mission to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ remains today, tomorrow, and every day after that. CHRISTUS Santa Rosa ministry has been called to face every challenge – especially this one – head on. We are in this together.

Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

While CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System continues to work to provide care and treatment for all of our patients, we are also working hard each day to reduce the risk of potential exposure to COVID-19. Please review our visitor guidelines.

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To help combat the wildly spreading COVID-19 pandemic and make meaningful contributions towards the advancement of science and medicine, the CHRISTUS Institute for Innovation and Advanced Clinical Care (CIIACC) remains strategically focused on bringing cutting-edge and innovative clinical research participation opportunities to our diverse patients.

Patient Chart

Vaccine Eligibility & Scheduling

An online appointment is required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at select CHRISTUS clinic locations. We are not scheduling any appointments via phone or in person at your local clinic. To see if you qualify and schedule an appointment online, click the yellow chart icon to your right to connect you with Christy, our virtual assistant.


Virtual Visits

Our video and telephone visits are perfect for those “on the go,” or for patients who are concerned about sharing, or potentially catching, an illness while out in public.

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Up-to-date news from each of our hospitals and ministries.

Emergency Care

Emergency Care

While COVID-19 is new, our processes and procedures in place for infection prevention and preventing the spread of illness are not. CHRISTUS Health's Emergency Departments are equipped to safely provide care for life-threatening illness and injury – and seeking that care is essential. Do not postpone seeking care if you are urgently ill.  Go to the Emergency Department or call 9-1-1.

CHRISTUS Foundations

United for a Healthier Tomorrow

Join CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System Foundation in supporting those affected by Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Prayer Request

Spiritual Care

Our Spiritual Care Teams are committed to supporting the spiritual well-being of our patients and their friends and family, our staff and the community. This is true especially during times of illness and hospitalization. We serve all patients and families regardless of faith or affiliation.