Our Approach

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – Medical Center is an accredited Chest Pain Center through the American College of Cardiology Accreditation Services. Since more than five million Americans visit hospitals each year with chest pain, Chest Pain Center accreditation ensures a hospital meets or exceeds quality-of-care measures based on improving the process for the care of the patient with acute coronary syndrome.

The care of the patient states from the onset of the patients symptoms, and calls for multi-disciplinary collaboration among emergency dispatch services, EMS, emergency department, observation and inpatient units, cardiopulmonary services, catheterization lab, and Cardiac Rehabilitation services.

Calcium Scoring

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is offering a non-invasive heart CT scan, which detects calcium in the walls of your arteries, a leading indicator of heart disease. This scan predicts your 10-year risk for a heart attack in minutes, so you can take steps to avoid one. Give yourself peace of mind by increasing the chance of being there for your loved ones.

Schedule your heart calcium scan and know your 10-year risk for heart attack in minutes.

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CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Medical Center
2827 Babcock Road
San Antonio, Texas 78229

PH: 210-705-6300

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

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