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A Journey Through Their quality of care was just outstanding. They were so caring and understanding during a very hormonal and emotional time.


Jasmin found a small lump in her breast and ten months later, after having learned she was pregnant, she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, and it was spreading fast. “When I first felt the lump, it was the size of a pea,” says Jasmin, who was just 32 years old when diagnosed. “Nine months later it was three centimeters in diameter.” Jasmin always closely monitored her health and was diligent about receiving recommended screenings.

Critical to Jasmin’s early diagnosis was the fact that she was in constant communication about the lump, even before her pregnancy, with her OB/GYN, Kevin Blair, M.D., medical director of Women’s Services at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels. Dr. Blair first ordered a mammogram nine months prior. It was determined the pea-sized lump was not a cause for immediate treatment. He carefully and conservatively followed Jasmin’s lump as it changed with her pregnancy, conducting a series of tests, including an additional mammogram and ultrasounds, before ordering a fine needle biopsy that confirmed the cancer.

Upon diagnosis, Jasmin received aggressive treatment in San Antonio and was closely monitored and supported by the Women’s Services team in New Braunfels. “Their quality of care was just outstanding,” Jasmin says. “They were so caring and understanding during a very hormonal and emotional time.” After three grueling months of chemo, Jasmin welcomed her healthy new daughter, Hadassah (Haddie), into the world. Three more months of aggressive chemo followed, at which point Jasmin had a double mastectomy. When Haddie was six months old, Jasmin learned her cancer was shrinking, and then finally, in remission. What she didn’t see coming was a fourth pregnancy in spring 2014.

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“When I found out I was pregnant again, I was shocked,” Jasmin says.“The doctors could not guarantee that I could have more children. But God had other plans. Having developed such a strong bond with the Women’s Services team at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels, Jasmin and her husband, Jeff, chose to have them guide Jasmin through pregnancy once again. And in January 2015, another healthy baby girl, Eleanor, was delivered full term following a smooth, routine pregnancy.

“Dr. Blair and my oncologists worked hand-in-hand, monitoring me throughout my fourth pregnancy,” Jasmin says. “They offered very strong support and answered all of my questions. Their amazing support, along with that of my family and friends, and my faith, got me through what was a scary diagnosis. I was able to keep a positive attitude because I knew God had plans for me.” Today, Jasmin is an active mother and encourages all women to stay physically active and have regular health screenings — and not just for breast cancer. “Ultrasounds, Pap smears, mammograms and monthly self-exams are extremely important and can save your life,” she says. “They all work together.”

“If Jasmin had not been receiving prenatal care with us, she probably would not have survived her breast cancer. But because she was already getting regular tests with me throughout her pregnancy, we were able to stay on top of the condition and pursue prompt treatment that ultimately saved the lives of Jasmin and her third baby.” — Kevin Blair, M.D., medical director of Women’s Services at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital –New Braunfels