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CHRISTUS Transplant Institute (CTI) has earned an excellent reputation among the medical community and the general public for its outstanding patient outcomes. We are confident our success is directly related to the high level of individualized patient care provided by our team of clinical and administrative professionals. Our standards are underlined by our sincere commitment to our patients' well-being, which begins with the first call to our center. In fact, for the rest of their lives, our patients can count on us to be there. The truly high level of personal, life-long care is what sets us apart.

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Our Team

We are dedicated to our patients from the time of referral through the life of the transplanted organ. We currently follow more than 1,000 patients in various stages of the transplant process. The long-term success of our patients results from a comprehensive team effort. 

Outreach Clinics

In our effort to provide the best patient experience and more convenient locations for adult kidney transplant evaluations, CHRISTUS Transplant Institute (CTI) offers four outreach satellite clinics, which 59 percent of all of our kidney transplants were performed on dialysis patients that we UNOS wait-listed through our outreach catchment areas.

Patient Portals

YourCHRISTUS is an easy, secure way to manage your health at your convenience. Patients eligible for YourCHRISTUS must have received care at a CHRISTUS facility. You can also create a Proxy Account to view the health care records of minor children or adults for whom you are the caregiver.


What sets the CHRISTUS Transplant Institute apart, is that when a person comes through the doors, we will minister to them. By focusing on more than just transplants, the CHRISTUS Transplant Institute is able to treat entire families of both donors and recipients.
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