Employer Solutions

Health care that works for the workplace.

Healthy employees are better employees. With fewer sick days, less down time, more focus and greater productivity, healthy employees can positively impact your company’s culture and its bottom line. 

CHRISTUS Workplace Wellness brings health and wellness direct to your employees through seminars, health screenings, events and programs. On a micro-website specific to your company, employees can access a health library, medical resource book, wellness tools, a pre-surgery education center, and a physician referral service. An online health risk assessment helps them understand their personal health risk factors and make informed choices.

We Take Care of Your Employees…So They Can Take Care of Business.

Employees want to work in an environment that supports healthy living. CHRISTUS Workplace Wellness resources include diet/nutrition and weight loss trackers, smoking cessation programs, stress management tips, and information on minimizing workplace accidents and enhancing safety. 

From the board room to the break room to the back room, people at every level of your company can become healthier and more productive when you utilize CHRISTUS Workplace Wellness…a comprehensive, proactive source of health-changing, life-transforming information and support. 

A Healthy Partnership;

Your CHRISTUS Workplace Wellness representative will work with you to determine your wellness goals and what level of the program is best for you. Workplace Wellness includes a broad spectrum of resources for your employees, including communications and on-site education materials, seminars and screenings, health fairs and special events. And your company will have a dedicated Workplace Wellness micro-website your employees can access 24/7. 

Healthy Employees Are The Ultimate Human Resource.

CHRISTUS Workplace Wellness is an investment in your greatest asset – your employees. But there are real cost savings as well. More than 95 percent of our nation’s health expenditures, including most of the billions of dollars employers spend on health coverage, is committed to diagnosing and treating disease, not preventing it. The workplace is an ideal setting to address health and well-being.

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