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COVID-19 Patient Story

John's Family

I had my triple bypass surgery at CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center and had the best possible experience in that situation, so I knew I wasn’t going anywhere else when I tested positive for COVID-19.

My wife contracted the virus first, and about a week later, I started feeling sick. My doctor admitted me through the ER after I tested positive for both COVID-19 and double pneumonia. I spent nine days at CHRISTUS Highland Medical Center, and the staff from the nurses to the lady who cleaned my room were phenomenal.

Even the woman in food services would call me every day to see what she could make for me. I wish I could personally shake every hand and thank every person that helped me through my stay, but I know that’s not possible. I was elated when I was able to go home. On my way out, the staff stood and cheered for me. I thought, ‘why are you cheering for me? I should be cheering for you!’ My wife and daughters were there when I was wheeled out of the hospital, and no words can describe what it was like to see them after nine days. I’m not an emotional guy, but I cried like a baby. My advice to everyone is where a mask if you are going out, and if you have to go to a hospital, go to CHRISTUS.