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CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System’s Commitment to Quality December 10, 2019

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System is always working to improve the quality of care we provide. As part of that work, our organization participates in a number of surveys that help measure our quality outcomes.

One of those surveys is currently looking at important areas of our hospitals, like patient satisfaction, infections, staffing, proper hand hygiene and our culture of safety. Our goal in participating in this survey is to ensure our hospital is on the path to being in the top quartile of hospitals around the country. We have enlisted the help of a third party in this work because at first rating, we scored in line with most hospitals around the nation. But that’s not good enough for the standard we want to achieve or the community we serve. We want to bring national quality standards to Southeast Texas and rate among the highest in the country.

As a result, we’re going to be implementing some new standards of performance to help us get there. As you know, we are the only hospital in the region with 24/7 coverage by specially trained physicians in our ICU, but we aren’t stopping there. We focus on ensuring every patient’s perspective of their care is an important part of their experience, and an integral part of ensuring patient safety. Additionally, we’ve formed a committee whose sole purpose is to gain feedback from patients about their experiences so we can make adjustments during their stay with us. Our leaders are making patient visits more frequently throughout the day to get real-time feedback, and an array of extensive training modules have been deployed to all staff on a variety of safety topics.

We are excited about this journey and will be working hard to continue to improve our quality each and every day. We’re looking forward to another review in the Spring and to having more to share about what we’re doing to provide safe, effective and accessible care to our neighbors and friends in the Southeast Texas community.