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CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System to Extend Visitor Access for Patients undergoing care Under additional guidelines, CHRISTUS continues commitment to holistic patient care May 20, 2020

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System is preparing to reinstate its open visitor policy on May 21, while following more stringent guidelines to ensure patients, Associates and medical staff minimize exposure risks and maintain safe environments of care.

Beginning Thursday, patients will be allowed one visitor, per patient, per day to accompany them while in a CHRISTUS Southeast Texas facility. This could include surgical or procedural patients, those coming for lab work or imaging needs such as CT’s, MRI’s or X-rays, emergency visits or other health care needs.

CHRISTUS is encouraging patients and visitors to be informed and prepared by recognizing the additional precautions they are taking to keep the community safe. “Those seeking care at CHRISTUS should plan to arrive for visits in enough time to be screened prior to entering, bring and wear your own personal face mask, and practice appropriate social distancing while in our facilities, especially waiting rooms and lobbies,” said Ryan Miller, Chief Operating Officer at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas. “It’s vital that we continue to practice these extra safety measures above and beyond the already strict safety regulations we exercise each and every day.”

Catholic healthcare organizations, like CHRISTUS, exist to embody the concern that Jesus showed for the sick. He commissions those who follow His example of performing healing acts to go and do likewise. These examples of compassion, love and healing experienced by many at CHRISTUS hospitals do not happen in isolation, but are meant to involve others. Family, neighbors, and other members of the community are often involved to play an important role in the healing, such as when Jesus restores a leper or a blind man back to a normal role in the community.