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CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth hospital Hosts Blessing for State-of-the-Art Laboratory November 14, 2019

Beaumont, Texas - CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth Hospital provided members of the media with a look inside of its new state-of-the-art catheterization laboratory. To commemorate the occasion CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System hosted a Blessing on November 14th.

This newest catheterization laboratory is the third one that CHRISTUS Southeast Texas has installed over the past six years. What sets this latest laboratory apart is that it utilizes the lowest radiation dosing for patients currently available – while producing the highest quality imaging needed to identify problems in blood vessels that require treatment.

The distinction is an important one, as it limits patients’ exposure to radiation, while still being able to pick up the smallest of blood vessels – whether it be used for treating a patient suffering from a form of trauma, or treating blockages from a heart attack.

“What impressed me the most was the care and attention I received from the CHRISTUS medical team,” explains Martin Broussard, a patient recently treated at the new catheterization lab at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth hospital. “Thanks to the new lab, I had a heart issue that I was totally unaware of – addressed and resolved – and it was all done less than 10 minutes from my home.”

Another feature that sets this newest catheterization lab apart is the ability for Associates to integrate all types of diagnostic equipment into large display monitors inside of the rooms. This allows the physician to visualize all modalities in one place as needed during a procedure.

Adds Broussard, “I remember marveling at the two high-definition monitors, and thinking to myself, ‘I need one of these for Super Bowl weekend.’ But, what immediately stood out to me as I was wheeled into the lab was the feeling that I was being treated in a high tech, state-of-the-art facility.”

The newest catheterization laboratory is the result of a $1,521,000 investment made by the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Health System. That monetary figure includes the costs of construction of the lab, as well as the integration of all types of diagnostic equipment.

“What we hope this investment says to our community is that we are fully committed to providing top of the line technology in order to meet every medical need that may arise,” explains CHRISTUS Southeast Texas President & CEO, Paul Trevino. “This technological investment helps to add simplicity and precision for our physicians, which in turn leads to an even greater level of care for the patients we proudly serve.”