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John's Story

John is a very active ranch owner, who rodeos, loves life and was ready to get back to it. He has owned and operated a business in Beaumont for 30 years and lived in Nome, Texas, about 12 years. Not one for sitting still, he bought the ranch to keep busy.

“One day, I picked up my .410 shotgun, a little gun, to shoot a snake,” he says. “I shot the snake, but when I went to eject the shell, that movement dropped me to my knees.” John went to see Gene P. Isabell, Jr., M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Orthopedic Specialty Center and Beaumont Bone and Joint Institute because he knew something was really wrong with his shoulder.

“Dr. Isabell first gave me injections in both shoulders,” John says “Then, he explained one of the tendons was torn really bad and I needed surgery.”


John’s surgery was paused with other elective procedures when statewide, the focus was on treatment of COVID-19.

“When I heard our governor was allowing elective surgery again, I got on the phone right away to reschedule,” John says. “I was one of the first in the door.”

Every surgical patient at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas has laboratory work completed ahead of surgery, which includes COVID-19 antibody testing. One thing John noticed the morning
he arrived for his surgery was how clean everything smelled. That and how the CHRISTUS Southeast Texas team treated him like a king while he was under their care.

“Every 30 minutes, someone came around to wipe down surfaces and door handles with disinfectant,” John says. ”People asked why don’t you want to go to Houston, and I said ‘I know
Dr. Isabell and know he’ll take care of me.’ And they did.”


Since the surgery, John says that the difference has been night and day.

“I’ve been here for two other surgeries that went great. After my shoulder surgery, I felt a difference the minute I woke up,” John says. “I had zero pain after surgery, and I have not had
any pain since. Don’t sit around in pain. Get up and come in.”

They explained they would be doing the antibody test and that gave me great relief.

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