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Back to Family Time Before his hip surgery, Frankie Langston’s pain was so great he could barely walk. Less than three weeks after hip surgery, he was playing with his children again.


Frankie Langston, a 42-year old steel mill worker, enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife and two sons. While driving heavy equipment at his job, Frankie hit a pothole in the concrete.
“It jarred me pretty badly, and I felt pain in both of my hips,” he says.

“It started kind of small, like I tweaked something, and I figured I could walk it off.” Frankie put off going to the doctor for a year until his pain became too great to ignore. “Both of my hips still hurt, but my right was a lot worse than my left,” Frankie says. “Nothing I tried worked. I needed to do something.”

After the Hurricane

Frankie met with Wagdy Rizk, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Orthopedic Specialty Center and Beaumont Bone & Joint Institute and learned the head of his right femur was crushed.

Frankie was scheduled for a hip replacement, but Hurricane Harvey flooded the Langstons’ home. He had to reschedule his surgery while his family worked to rebuild their house. During that time, Frankie’s pain in both hips grew significantly worse.

“I couldn’t walk anymore,” he says. “I was scheduled for my first surgery in March, but I called in early February and asked if we could bump it up.” Frankie made the call to Dr. Rizk on a Friday. His surgery was done the following Wednesday.

Up and About

Frankie chose Dr. Rizk because of his familiarity with minimally invasive procedures, which, Dr. Rizk explains, lessen patients’ pain and healing time.

“Some people are apprehensive about hip replacement because they anticipate a lot of pain and a lot of recovery time,” Dr. Rizk says. “Surgical techniques, however, have advanced greatly and allow patients to get back on their feet soon after surgery with little to no pain and a shorter recovery time.”

And those results were exactly what Frankie experienced. “Frankie’s recovery was excellent,” Dr. Rizk says. “He was able to walk with a walker the day after surgery, and his physical therapy took just two weeks. He recovered quickly.”

Frankie would agree, stating that he did not experience pain after his surgery. “The relief was immediate,” Frankie says. “I was walking the next day with no discomfort.” Now, Frankie says, he feels better than ever , and his family sees the difference as well.

“I’m useful around the house again,” Frankie says. “I’m playing with my kids. I’ve got my life back.”