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Our Approach

ER Services

When a child is hurt, parents want to bring him or her to the closest place possible. The CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Outpatient Center Mid County Emergency Room (ER) is conveniently located for just such worrisome occasions. When children visit the Mid County Outpatient Center ER, they may be more frightened or worried than their adult counterparts.

“Children don’t have the same understanding that adults do,” says George Davis, M.D., FACEP, site medical director for the Mid County Outpatient Center ER. “When children are scared, we take extra care to calm their fears.”

While distractions, such as a television show or a toy, can help during certain examinations and procedures, the most important part of caring for children is to treat them as if they were our own, according to Dr. Davis.“Based on what children are wearing or carrying, I’ll ask them some questions,” Dr. Davis says. “When we relate to children at their level, it puts everyone at ease, including their parents.”

Speech Therapy

As the most advanced and comprehensive speech therapy program in Mid County, we now care for patients of all ages with a variety of needs.  Because we are in your neighborhood, this means you will receive the care you need and return to the comfort of your own home the same day.

Our Services:

  • Personalized care with a licensed Speech Language Pathologist
  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children and adults
  • Additional speech therapy services in conjunction with speech therapy provided by the school district
  • Treatment programs designed for speech communication, swallowing disorders, or medical 

Our Location

CHRISTUS St. Mary Outpatient Center Mid County
8801 9th Ave
Port Arthur, Texas 77642

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