Genius 3D Mammography at CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth offers better chance to diagnose breast cancer earlier, at more treatable stages February 24, 2015

CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth now offers Genius 3D mammography for breast cancer screening. Breast tomosynthesis produces a three-dimensional view of the breast tissue that is far more accurate in detecting breast cancer earlier than any other mammogram.

Genius 3D mammography works by capturing multiple slices (images) of the breast from several angles, creating a layered 3D breast image. Radiologists are then able to review the breast, one thin slice at a time, almost like turning pages in a book, which helps them make a more accurate diagnosis. Unlike 2D traditional mammography where doctors can only see the front cover of a book, thus viewing a flat image, Genius 3D mammography allows for more detail to be seen in the complexities of the breast tissue.

“This technology finds significantly more invasive cancers than a traditional mammogram. It has also shown to reduce the number of women called back for unnecessary exams due to false positives. That reduces anxiety, as well as health care costs,” said Sergy Lemeshko, MD, PhD, Radiologist with Breast Imaging Fellowship Training and a staff physician at CHRISTUS Hospital.

The new equipment will be located in the Mamie McFaddin Ward Heritage Foundation Mammography Center at the CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth Outpatient Pavilion at 755 North 11th Street in Beaumont. The Mamie McFaddin Ward Heritage Foundation has been a great supporter of the latest innovations in cancer treatment and detection through its ongoing support of the Mamie McFaddin Ward Cancer Center. Through the Foundation’s commitment and support, Southeast Texans have been given access to innovative cutting-edge cancer services unparalleled in the region. The Trustees are carrying on Mamie McFaddin Ward’s legacy by providing the first ever Genius 3D Mammography in Southeast Texas.

Paul Trevino, President and CEO for CHIRSTUS Health Southeast Texas, said, “The inclusion of the Genius 3D mammography technology is a giant leap forward for the families of Southeast Texas. This innovation is a result of meetings between hospital staff and physicians coupled with the latest research in disease detection. CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth will utilize this new equipment in combination with advanced services such as patient navigation to achieve early detection and the best outcome for our area’s mothers, sisters, wives and daughters.”

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women, exceeded only by lung cancer. Statistics indicate that one in eight women will develop breast cancer sometime in her lifetime. The stage at which breast cancer is detected influences a woman’s chance of survival. If detected early, the five-year survival rate is 98 percent.

“The 3D technology now available at St. Elizabeth can find many cancers before conventional mammography, leading to earlier detection and logically higher cure rates,” said Robert Birdwell, MD, Medical Oncologist on staff at CHRISTUS Hospital and at the Mamie McFaddin Ward Cancer Center.

For early breast cancer detection, an annual mammography is recommended by the American Cancer Society for women 40 and over. In addition, ACS recommends a monthly breast self-exam by women beginning their 20s and a clinical breast exam by a health professional annually for women over 40 and every three years for women in their 20s and 30s.

CHRISTUS Hospital – St. Elizabeth is committed to the fight against breast cancer. To schedule a mammogram, please call 409-899-7500.