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CHRISTUS Health Southwestern Louisiana and Imperial Calcasieu Surgical Center Announce Partnership in Lake Charles August 1, 2017

Imperial Health

(Lake Charles, La.) -- CHRISTUS Health Southwestern Louisiana and Imperial Calcasieu Surgical Center are excited to announce that they have finalized a joint venture as of Aug. 1, 2017.

Imperial Calcasieu Surgical Center is an outpatient surgical center that opened in 2009. The center houses six operating rooms, two procedure rooms and a specialized operating room for eyes. Services continued there include; orthopedic (treatment of bones and muscles); ear, nose and throat; ophthalmology (treatment of eye disorders and diseases); interventional pain management (pain relief); podiatry (treatment of feet and their ailments); and hand and wrist surgeries.

CHRISTUS Health Southwestern Louisiana, a health care leader in the community, owns and operates CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital and CHRISTUS Lake Area Hospital. CHRISTUS’ pivotal growth and partnerships across the area have been deliberate as work continues to expand, innovate and improve health care in the region.

“Delivery of exceptional clinical outcomes is something we are absolutely committed to at CHRISTUS,” explained Stephen Wright senior vice president of Group Operations for CHRISTUS Health in Louisiana. “By partnering with physicians in the community, on the surgical front, we are continuing to strive for the highest in patient satisfaction, an increase in access for patients and the solid establishment of an enhanced outpatient surgical service line in a non-hospital setting.”

A new joint board of directors will be formed to govern strategic decisions for the surgical center, and seats will be held by both CHRISTUS Health and the center’s physician partners. CHRISTUS Health Southwestern Louisiana is now the majority owner of Imperial Calcasieu Surgical Center which will now be called CHRISTUS Imperial Calcasieu Surgical Center.

“As the members and associates of Imperial Calcasieu Surgery Center, we are so excited to finalize this joint venture and embark on a journey of excellence together” stated Dr. John Noble, Chairman of Imperial Calcasieu Surgery Center (ICSC). “ICSC has enjoyed an exceptional eight years of operations including superior clinical outcomes and almost perfect patient satisfaction. It is fortuitous that we are partnering with an organization that is experiencing exponential growth due to outstanding leadership. I don’t know if it could get any better; a great surgery center partnering with a great health care system” said Noble. “Speaking personally, I am ecstatic that in conjunction with CHRISTUS we are extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.”