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Prenatal Education

We offer a variety of classes for expectant families on a variety of topics. Pre-registration is necessary, and fees and class times vary. Call 337-475-4700 for more information. 

Baby Basics 

Focuses on the essentials of caring for a newborn such as diapering, feeding, bathing, cord care, & safety.

Cost: $20


Covers techniques to help make breastfeeding a positive experience for mother and baby. This is offered to women and couples. Also, included is help from our Certified Lactation Consultants before, during and after delivery.

Cost: $20

Natural Childbirth

Teaches comfort measures for moms/partners in labor. Focuses on the Three “R”s – relaxation, rhythmic breathing, and ritual massage. Helps to better prepare you for understanding the labor process & the stages of labor. This class will be held 2 consecutive Thursday evenings for 2 hours.

Cost: $35

Pediatric CPR

Trains parents, grandparents and caregivers in performing infant and child CPR.

Cost: $15 per person

Prepared Childbirth 

Teaches parents about pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum care. It also teaches you what to expect here at the hospital.

Cost: $35 per couple

Sibling and Family Tour 

Approximately 30 minute hospital tour to help future brothers and sisters (ages 3-8) show how important they are in the process. Tours are scheduled upon request.

Cost: $10 per family

Baby...You Mean Babies!

No fee. Call for dates and more information.

Our multiples class is designed for parents who are expecting twins, triplets or more! We will help you learn, plan, & prepare for caring for your new babies. Come let us help you be better prepared for your new additions.

For more information including dates and pre-registration, please contact: 337-475-4700.