CHRISTUS Health Hospital Corpus Christi-South Leader in Robotic Surgery, First in South Texas to Receive New da Vinci Xi Surgical System September 30, 2015

CHRISTUS Spohn Health System is now using the latest Intuitive da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-South—the only location in South Texas where this technology is available. The new system offers three dimensional high definition visualization and allows for enhanced dexterity and greater precision and control for the surgeon.

“Today, we are proud to introduce this to the community. We are greatly expanding the robotic surgical platform currently used for minimally-invasive surgery at the South campus,” said CHRISTUS Spohn South President Mark Casanova. “Introducing the latest technology and surgical procedures means this community can now access the most advanced life-saving procedures right here in the Coastal Bend.” The daVinci System is operated by a surgeon sitting a few feet away from the patient at a console. Using a high-powered camera, the surgeon guides the robot’s four arms - that hold surgical tools which are inserted into the patient through small, keyhole-sized incisions.

The daVinci’s highly-accurate instruments allow the surgeon to move her or his own hands - and the robots – to conduct precise movements with extraordinary control and precision. In addition, the da Vinci’s video monitoring system provides a three-dimensional view of the surgery with magnification ten times that of the naked eye. Five years ago, CHRISTUS Spohn became the first hospital in South Texas to use a da Vinci computer-enhanced surgical system, and with the addition of another robot to the CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital South’s operating room CHRISTUS Spohn proves once again to be a pioneer in minimally-invasive surgery.

Today, CHRISTUS Spohn can perform many different types of robotically assisted procedures including prostatectomy, kidney and bladder surgery and gynecological procedures such as hysterectomies, ovarian tumors, pelvic prolapses and gynecological cancer. "This is the next step in advanced laparoscopic techniques,” said Dr. Richard Varin. “It can be a real game changer for patients with rectal cancer who would like to avoid a colostomy.” -More- For physicians, the benefits of the Xi include improved vision, improved mechanics, and the ability to place the camera into any of the robotic port sites, providing a different look at the operative field.

“We are very excited here at Spohn South to have purchased the da Vinci Xi robotic system for minimally invasive surgery. We see this as a great addition to the gynecological services that we want to provide the women of our community,” said CHRISTUS Spohn Regional Director of Women’s Services Dr. Kathleen Rasmussen. “In addition, the da Vinci Xi will allow our physicians to offer to their patients the latest in surgical and robotic technologies in the areas of urology, colorectal and general surgeries.” Dr. Laura Shelton also with OBGYN Associates adds, “With the advances in this new robotic technology it makes minimally invasive surgery more accessible to the general public for all types of surgical specialties. It lends itself to greater patient outcomes.

It allows for faster patient recovery with minimal discomfort and less use of pain medications.” The da Vinci Xi Surgical System, which was cleared by the FDA last year, has broader capabilities than prior generations of the da Vinci Systems. The new system features new “overhead architecture” which enables efficient access throughout the abdomen and chest, and allows for multi-quadrant surgery to be performed without repositioning the system. It also has smaller, thinner arms with newly designed joints that offer a greater range of motion than ever before, and longer instrument shafts designed to give surgeons greater surgical reach.

About CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-South
From our state-of-the-art Robotic Surgery Program to our variety of medical, surgical and emergency services CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-South is home to one of the area’s top health care teams. Located on the rapidly growing south side of Corpus Christi, CHRISTUS Spohn-South provides a variety of health care services with a focus on caring for women and newborns with a full spectrum of OBGYN, birthing services, and a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The 154-bed hospital is fully accredited though the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

About Intuitive
The da Vinci Surgical System and the Skills Simulator are developed by Intuitive Surgical Inc. Intuitive Surgical, Inc. is the global technology leader in robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The company’s da Vinci Surgical System offers surgeons superior visualization, enhanced dexterity and greater precision compared to traditional surgical approaches. More than 500,000 patients worldwide affected by a range of conditions have had a da Vinci procedure. The da Vinci System enables surgeons to perform even complex procedures such as open-heart surgery through 1-2 cm incisions. Founded in 1995, Intuitive Surgical has more than 1,300 employees in offices around the world.