CHRISTUS Spohn Celebrates Graduation of Resident Physicians, Welcomes New Class January 25, 2017

(Corpus Christi, TX)— The physician leaders of tomorrow are ready to step out into the world and make their mark with the graduation of eight Emergency Medicine and 12 Family Medicine Resident Physicians. 

CHRISTUS Spohn Health System celebrates the graduation of its third-year Resident Physicians each year with a special ceremony as they also welcome the next class of doctors to the program.

2015 Emergency Medicine Resident Physician Graduates include: Dr. Zachary Baum, Dr. Melissa Campbell, Dr. Charles Close, Dr. Kelly Dewey, Dr. Steven Loescher, Dr. Travis Newby, Dr. Jeremy Padalecki, and Dr. Jessica Sieling. 

2015 Family Medicine Resident Physician Graduates include: Dr. Bennie Berkvens, Dr. Conrado Cantu, Dr. Renee DeLaTorre, Dr. Esther Khatibi, Dr. Humberto Lopez, Dr. Juan Davila, Dr. Katherine McNamara, Dr. Keegan Massey, Dr. Lorena Silvestre, Dr. Sheryl Shipes, Dr. Terri Kirin, and Dr. Yvette Alvarez. 

“This has really been an outstanding class of residents who have worked extremely hard over the past three years to attain the knowledge and skill necessary to practice medicine,” said Dr. Tom McLaughlin, Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program. 

CHRISTUS Spohn has a long tradition of training Resident Physicians here in South Texas, dating back to the creation of the Family Medicine Residency Program at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-Memorial in the early 1970s. 

In 2007, CHRISTUS Spohn expanded the program to also include the Emergency Medicine residency program, both of which provide residents with a full spectrum of care needed by the communities they serve. The three-year program enrolls 12 new Residents each year, for a total of 36 Residents at any given time. 

Working in the Residency Program, doctors get to see a range of patients each day, with different ailments and injuries. It gives these young physicians a crash course in just about any kind of patient they will see after graduation

As the CHRISTUS Spohn Resident Physicians prepare to graduate and branch out on their own, many are planning to stay in Corpus Christi to continue sharing what they’ve learned with the South Texas patients for whom they care. 

“It has really been a pleasure to be a part of their education and we wish the best for each of them as they move on as practicing physicians,” Dr. McLaughlin added.