CHRISTUS Spohn Pokemon Go Advisory July 22, 2016

At CHRISTUS Spohn, we strive to maintain a quiet, healing environment for our patients, as well as an efficient work environment for our physicians and other Associates. While we appreciate that Pokémon Go encourages movement, playing games of this nature are not appropriate in a hospital setting, which can contain sensitive and dangerous areas. We would appreciate it if Pokemon Go users would not play this game while on our campus for their safety and the safety of our Associates, patients and visitors. 

Please note that construction sites in and near CHRISTUS Spohn facilities are not accessible to the public under any circumstances. Our emergency ambulance bay entrances and HALO Flight landing pads are also restricted to the general public as our Associates and emergency personnel need immediate access to these areas. While we welcome the workout that Pokémon Go players may get from playing the game, we must warn players about avoiding these areas specifically. 

Please play safe, watch where you are going, avoid sensitive and dangerous areas, and drink lots of water while you participate in Pokémon Go.