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CHRISTUS Spohn South Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Opening February 14, 2019

Dr Sphon
WHAT: Twenty-five years ago Spohn President and CEO, Sister Kathleen Coughlin, had a vision of expanding Spohn’s ministry to the south side. In 1994 CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-South proudly opened its doors of a modern day facility, bringing surgical, obstetrical, diagnostic and emergency care services, conveniently, to residents on south side of Corpus Christi. We built our hospital with fields around us; early on before Saratoga Blvd. was really developed as it is today. To some, it might have seemed crazy to build a 102 bed hospital, that included 27 birthing rooms, on the south side of town, but CHRISTUS Spohn anticipated meeting the needs of a growing south side community. In 2002 we expanded our hospital to a 152 beds, by investing $12 million in our facilities and services, which included: new operating suites and recovery rooms and a newly completed fourth floor and an additional 5th floor. More than two decades later, our state-of-the-art hospital has become the premier provider of high-quality health care.

CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital –South enjoys serving our community and look forward to continuing serving our and fulfilling our mission; To Extend the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ.

WHO: CHRISTUS Spohn Associates and leaders, hospital visitors and patients; former administrators and staff. 

WHEN: Thursday, February 14th, 2019
2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

WHERE: CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-South  
    Health Plaza Lobby
5920 Saratoga Boulevard 

NOTES: Please join us in the Health Plaza’s lobby