Master Facility Plan Update: City Streets, Centennial Garage Approach

Centennial Garage Parking
We’re excited to finish out the final stretch of our Master Facility Plan this year -- with many changes coming in 2018 as we put the finishing touches on a historic construction project.

This month, we’ll see the completion of the City of Corpus Christi’s Ocean Drive upgrades, as well as the finishing touches on the City’s work on the portions of Ayers Street and Morgan Avenue that border our Shoreline campus.

On our end, the Centennial Parking Garage at Shoreline will see change as we open a new entrance/exit off of Santa Fe Street at the end of January. The Santa Fe Street Entrance to the Centennial Garage will now be a two-way approach, with both an entrance and exit, and expanded driveway.

Those entering from Santa Fe Street will now turn right into the garage, and follow the path of the first level of the garage in a counter-clockwise motion. All other levels of the garage will continue traffic in a clockwise direction; only the first floor will be affected by the change.

Traffic will now exit out onto Santa Fe Street from the same entrance/exit. Motorists can also still access the Centennial Garage via the Third Street entrance, and will turn right into the garage. The previous exit onto Santa Fe Street will be closed permanently.

We’ll continue to keep our Associates and visitors updated on changes to the Shoreline campus. Coming up, we’ll be celebrating the opening of several new Interventional Radiology rooms at the Shoreline Pavilion. Stay tuned! And thank you for your continued support of this historic transformation.