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Urgent Care Designed for u.

CHRISTUS Promptu Urgent Care clinics provides immediate medical attention for minor medical conditions that do not require treatment at a hospital emergency room. Staffed by a distinguished team of physicians and clinicians you can trust and who are dedicated to providing the same quality and compassionate care you receive from your primary care physician.



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Patient Portals

YourCHRISTUS is an easy, secure way to manage your health at your convenience. Patients eligible for YourCHRISTUS must have received care at a CHRISTUS facility. You can also create a Proxy Account to view the health care records of minor children or adults for whom you are the caregiver.

Spohn Health Network

CHRISTUS Spohn Health Network: Affordable, accessible, exceptional health care solutions for South Texas employers.

We help you watch your bottom line while providing the quality health care options and preventive services necessary to protect your most valuable asset: Your employees.

Problem and Concern Resolution

Each day, we strive to make the CHRISTUS Mission, Core Values and Vision a reality within the work environment.  As part of our continuous  efforts to fulfill our Covenant with Associates, CHRISTUS Health has established a multilevel system for the resolution of problems and con cerns in the workplace.  

Charity Care

CHRISTUS Health Charity Care Discount

Pay My Bill Online

You can now pay your hospital bill online with your credit card or checking account.

Spiritual Care

At CHRISTUS Health, our Spiritual Care Department is committed to offering spiritual care to patients, families, friends, staff and the community. This is true especially during times of illness and hospitalization.