Neurological Services

Our neurologists and neurosurgeons perform complex neurological procedures in the Dan A. Hughes Family Hybrid  Suite. In fact, our hybrid OR is the only one in the region with specialized neurological capabilities. Our hybrid suite, equipped with the most advanced imaging and surgical technology available, offers our patients the latest treatments for a wide range of brain, spine and nerve conditions.

Our neurology team is the most experienced in the Coastal Bend region, at the forefront of innovation in neurological diagnostics and treatment. The powerful, high-resolution imaging technology available in our hybrid operating room helps us provide better outcomes for our patients. We can view the complex blood network in the brain, leading to a more precise, effective surgery.We are the only neurology center in the region to offer brain stenting, a complex procedure crucial for reducing stroke risk in patients. We also have the capabilities to perform clot retrieval, an intricate procedure to remove a clot in your brain. 

Advanced Imaging and Surgical Technology

The imaging technology in our hybrid operating room brings our diagnostic and surgical capabilities to a new level. Our physicians can obtain incredibly clear and detailed images. This is especially crucial for visualizing the complex network of blood vessels in the brain. The high-resolution images allow us to plan your procedure effectively and precisely, leading to a better outcome for you.

Our advanced imaging includes:

Biplane imaging:
This technology uses two rotating cameras to provide the images. The two cameras mean there is less radiation exposure and your recovery is shorter compared to a more invasive approach.

3-D road mapping:
Our neurologists can see a “roadmap” of the complex pathways of veins in the brain, crucial for preforming complex neurology procedures. With this technology, we can use less contrast (a special dye that highlights abnormalities), and there is reduced exposure to the radiation.

Neurointerventional surgery or open procedures:
We are equipped to perform both minimally invasive procedures, or, if necessary, traditional open surgery.

Advanced post processing:
The high-resolution imaging allows us to confirm everything is in place and functioning normally because we end the procedure.

Neurological Procedures We Perform

Our neurological team performs a wide range of procedures in our hybrid operating room, including:

  • Carotid Angiograms
  • Carotid Stenting
  • Cervical/Cerebral Angiograms
  • Intracranial Stenting
  • Intracranial Angioplasty
  • Thoracic Arteriograms