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Confidence in CHRISTUS Follow your "mom instinct" at CHRISTUS Spohn.

Ricardo, Jessica, and Christian
Ricardo, Jessica, and Christian at CHRISTUS Spohn.
Becoming a parent for the first time is always filled with nervous excitement, but for Jessica and Ricardo welcoming their first son, Christian, came with an added layer of concern. After an uneventful pregnancy, Jessica's labor wasn't progressing. Guided by her OB team, they decided to deliver her son by C-section followed with a seven-day stay in the NICU.
After Jessica noticed Christian was not eating as he should be, the NICU team stepped in a quickly diagnosed Christian with a blood infection and jaundice. For Jessica, being in a facility that could not only diagnose her son quickly but also get the son the treatment he needed meant everything.
Throughout both Jessica and Christian's stay at CHRISTUS Spohn South, one theme emerged-- confidence. Confidence in the nurses and doctors, confidence in the decisions they were making for the health and wellness of the whole family, confidence being believed, and following her newly acquired "mom instinct".
After a seven-day stay in the loving care of the NICU team, Christian was sent home to be welcomed home by his extremely grateful family!