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Visitor Guidelines

UPDATED for 12/15/2020

  • EVERYONE is screened (associates must use the screening kiosk and will be randomly screened at the check in stations)
  • NICU and Pediatrics will have a PINK armband and must abide by the screening. The only visitors allowed are the biological parents.
  • Labor & Delivery will have a PINK armband and must abide by the screening.  There will only be one visitor allowed for the entirety of the visit.  
  • NO visitors will be allowed to 3-North (Rooms 301-312 & 335-363).  This is the Isolation Unit.   
  • NO visitors allowed for any COVID Positive patients in ED and ICU.  Please call ICU if patient is in room 13-26 to verify they are not COVID+.  
  • ONLY 1 visitor at a time is allowed for all other areas. All other visitors to the inpatient rooms should be issued a Blue Armband.  
  • End-of-Life visitation is still allowed and will be handled on a case by case basis.  Please contact the unit and/or the nurse caring for that patient and they will inform you of the visitor quantity allowed.

UPDATED for 6/9/2020

VISITOR’S POLICY CHANGE │ As of yesterday, June 8th, the hospital visitor policy changed from 1 essential visitor per patient to 1 visitor per patient. Over the last three months, the hospital has only allowed one essential visitor if a patient was underage, a fall risk, incapable of making health care decisions or feeding themselves. Monday, we removed the essential restriction, allowing each patient to be accompanied by one visitor throughout all hospital departments. The only exceptions to this new policy are the ICU and the COVID-19 (located on the inpatient 3rd floor) unit. We will continue to restrict visitation, not allowing any visitors in either the ICU or COVID-19 Unit until further notice. 

All visitors and patients entering the hospital, are required to wear a mask and will be screened (including temperature checks) upon entry. No one will be allowed to enter the building without a mask.


UPDATE for 5/28/2020


Open entrances include the following: 

  • Emergency Department, Masonic Drive Open 24/7

  • Labor and Delivery
    2nd floor Parking Garage entrance
    Open 24/7
  • Doctors' Building, Prescott Street
    Monday-Friday • 6am-6pm (excluding holidays)
  • Outpatient Center, Texas Avenue
    Monday-Friday • 5am-6pm (excluding holidays)

*NO visitors are allowed in our dedicated COVID-19 Unit.

  • Surgery Patients: 1 Visitor
  • Same Day Procedure: 1 Visitor
  • Critical Care: NO Visitors
  • Medical-Surgical Units: 1 Visitor
  • Labor and Delivery: 1 Visitor
  • Pediatrics: 1 Visitor
  • NICU: 1 Visitor
  • Emergency Room: 1 Visitor
  • COVID-19 Units: NO Visitors

Our Location

CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini
3330 Masonic Drive
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