Stephan's Story

Stephan looks back at pictures of herself before receiving bariatric surgery and sees a woman who had not embraced her life to the fullest.

“I thought I looked fine,” Stephan says. “I didn’t think I looked overweight, but I was having trouble getting up the stairs.” Enter Samuel Bledsoe, M.D., a bariatric surgery specialist. “Stephan was like many people who have come to see me because they are struggling with their weight,” Dr. Bledsoe says. “She was living with a compromised quality of life, but she was looking for solutions.”

Stephan’s bariatric surgery procedure helped her achieve the results she was seeking in terms of weight loss, and today she is enjoying an active life. “When I look at myself today, I am amazed,” Stephan says. “I would recommend this hospital and Dr. Bledsoe to anyone.”