CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital - Atlanta Trauma/Stroke Coordinator Published Nationally August 21, 2019

Atlanta, Texas – Stroke patients across Northeast Texas can be assured they will receive the best in world-class care from experts recognized be peers throughout their field for their knowledge and skills.

Nicole Fant, MSN, RN, SCRN RN Program Manager-Trauma/Stroke, CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital - Atlanta co-authored the article “Timeliness of Nursing Care Delivered by Stroke Certified Registered Nurses as Compared to Non-Stroke Certified Registered Nurses to Hyperacute Acute Stroke Patients” with Janet M. Lakomy, PhD, RN, Adjunct Faculty, Texarkana A&M University, Texarkana, TX.

The article was published in the prestigious Journal of Neuroscience Nursing – Feb. 2019. The Journal of Neuroscience Nursing (JNN), the official journal of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses, is a bi-monthly publication that contains original articles on advances in neurosurgical and neurological techniques as they affect nursing care, theory and research, as well as commentary on the roles of the neuroscience nurse in the health care team.

The journal provides information to nurses and health care professionals working in diverse areas of neuroscience patient care such as multi-specialty and neuroscience intensive care units, general neuroscience units, combination units (neuro/ortho, neuromuscular/ rehabilitation, neuropsychiatry, neurogerontology), rehabilitation units, medical-surgical units, pediatric units, emergency and trauma departments and surgery. The information is applicable to professionals working in clinical, research, administrative and educational settings.

“Having the work of our Associates and caregivers recognized and published in this respected publication demonstrates the high level of expertise available at the hospital with highly-trained, specially prepared staff,” said Micah Johnson, MSN, BSN, RN, Administrator/Chief Nursing Officer for the hospital. “In addition to Nicole, there are several more stroke-certified registered nurses providing care for patients at both CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital - Atlanta and CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System in Texarkana. It is a tremendous asset to this community and this region.”

“Professionally, I am excited to share the research and information with my colleagues in health care,” said Fant. “What is most important is that we communicate the value and benefits of hospital emergency departments being staffed with stroke-certified registered nurses. This level of care saves patient lives and that is truly why we are here – to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ every day.”