John's Story

In April 2016, a collision with a semi-truck left John Skinner with a fractured spine and pelvis, three dislocated vertebrae, three broken ribs, a punctured lung, a crushed right foot, a damaged kneecap as well as a lacerated liver and pancreases. After being airlifted to emergency care, he was not expected to live. But that was not in God's nor John Skinner's plans.

"I knew I could get better and I knew I wanted to do that right here at home."

Three months after the accident John began his first out-patient rehab with CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital- Atlanta with a rod in his pelvis, hardware in a rebuilt knee, one leg in a cast and a plate in his right foot. Today, John is walking on his own again.

"I'm thankful to get my rehab right here in Atlanta. They are good to me, they helped me regain my strength, they never once hurt me and always kept my spirits up. The therapists know their business as much anybody you would find in a big city. Because of them I'm back to hunting, fishing - even dancing, and with the support of my family and answered prayers, I am here."